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The Kids Are Home

I thought of labeling this entry “second chemotherapy was fine,” but that missed the point. My second chemotherapy (on Tuesday, 8/12) has gone so easily that it hasn’t even taken much of my attention.

What IS taking our attention, and bringing great joy, is that both Margie and Sarah are home again. Sarah chose to come home from camp a week early, eager to be back home with us and Margie. Margie arrived at the airport from Israel on Monday at 4 a.m. The phone is ringing nonstop, as Margie’s friends from are renewing contact after the summer. Two of her three roommates spent the day here today, and she is looking forward to meeting the third roommate who comes from Taiwan. Friends from her terrific summer program are likely to show up for Shabbat. My mother is visiting also, and we’re all enjoying the commotion. Margie will be leaving for college on August 25!

[I may add to this entry later this weekend – but I wanted to post this soon, since many friends have been concerned about how I’m doing. But I’ve been so busy galavanting around that I haven’t had time to write much. . . .]


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