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I’m doing fine

You haven’t heard from me for quite a while because my story (in relation to
cancer) is blissfully “boring.”  I haven’t needed a transfusion since
mid-December, and my blood counts have been gradually increasing.  My
platelets have ranged between 17 and 38 (two weeks ago they were 27, and I’m
due for another blood test this week) – and I won’t have another transfusion
unless they go below 10.  I’m getting more exercise (jumping on my trampoline
while playing jazz on WBGO-FM), and feeling quite healthy.  There is no sign
of cancer.  I’m still giving myself injections of Procrit three times a week
– but with this, my hematocrit has been above 35 (it often hit the low 20’s a
year ago).

We had a brief time of anxiety about a month ago when my internist,
Maurice Beer and I noticed a slight “thickening” on my right breast on one
Monday.  Dr. Beer thought it was normal tissue, but agreed to give me a
referral to have my surgeon double-check it.  I made an appointment with Dr.
Peter Geller, my surgeon, for the following Tuesday (this time I didn’t make
a fuss to get an appointment sooner, since we didn’t think it was anything
serious).  I stayed fairly calm until the night before the appointment.  Dr.
Geller assured us that this WAS normal tissue, and said I should see him
again in a year.  (He knew I would be seeing a variety of other doctors –
my oncologist, oncological gynecologist, and radiologist – in the interim).

I’d like to share two requests for help from other stem cell transplant

1) As you may recall, I modeled my Web site on the one about Peg Taylor’s
stem cell transplant, created by Don Stahl, her brother.  Recently someone
wrote that the links from my Web site to Peg’s no longer were working.  I
wrote to Don Stahl and found out that by mistake their Internet Service
Provider deleted their account and wiped out their Web site.

Peg’s site was a valuable one.  I’m writing just in case any of you
downloaded any of it and can retrieve it from your archives.  Don wrote that

>Yes, it would be a great help if I could get a copy of Peg’s original
>website from someone! I have all the images but lack the last (critical)
>week of daily updates and blood count information.
>Thank you for your concern for Peg. Her mental state is good, and for the
>shape she’s in she’s in great shape–that is, the pain medication is
>working, she’s got enough energy to get around (she is in Disneyland with
>some of our family as I write this), and she has plans for the summer.

Peg has had a relapse of cancer, and I believe she is now having chemotherapy
again.  Please join me in praying for her.

If you do have any of her Web site, let me know, and I’ll give you Don
Stahl’s e-mail address.  I believe that Peg has chosen to be more private
about this stage of her illness, so I’m not publicizing her e-mail address or

2) I’ve gotten to know Cathy on the Compuserve Cancer Forum. She’s about to
have a stem cell transplant, and would like to find others who have been
through this treatment with whom she can exchange e-mail.  If you
have been through a stem cell transplant yourself, and you are willing to
write to Cathy, please contact her directly at:

Cathy:  75542.3026@Compuserve.com  [Of course I have her permission to share this
with you.]






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