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Today is my seventieth birthday. I’m very grateful that I’m in very good health with no sign of cancer nearly sixteen years after my diagnosis. I’m grateful also for my family – Ken, my beloved husband, and my wonderful daughters, Margie and Sarah Klein, and soon-to-be son-in-law, Jeremy Ronkin – and for family and friends.

I’m also very grateful for my joyous volunteer work as president of Kulanu, Inc., which supports isolated and emerging Jewish communities around the world. Kulanu is creating an online tribute journal in honor of my seventieth birthday. I would love it if you’d help with this either by donating yourself, by inviting others to join you in a journal ad, or by sharing this link with with your networks: kulanu.org/tribute

Because of my work with Kulanu, I have friends all over the world, especially in Jewish communities in Africa. Here’s a photo of me dancing in Uganda in the Abayudaya village, Namutumba, to celebrate their new grain mill that Kulanu funded.


In addition to my work with Kulanu, my life is enriched by my synagogue, West End Synagogue in New York, and by my dancing (which you can read about here).

A special thanks to those of you who supported me through the challenging time when I was in cancer treatment, back in 1997 and 1998. And I hope it gives hope to others to know that some of us with a scary prognosis can survive cancer for many years in good health!




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